Noli me Tangere

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Noli me tangere is a Latin version of a biblical phrase that translates into "touch me not". The scene has been recreated several times by master painters in the early Renaissance. In the scene, after witnessing the rise of Jesus, Mary Magdalene was asked by Jesus not to touch him until his resurrection is complete, signifying the link between them is to become intangible and spiritual.

I named this piece after the biblical scene because the core idea resonates with my fundamental beliefs in natural beauty - "Take only pictures, leave only footprints, kill nothing but time". Similar to the story, our link with nature is spiritual as our roots have deep connections with the environment we live in. We feel a degree of eutierria by just being outdoor in the cosmo. 

This artwork is the Kirkjufell mountain and its waterfall, one of the surreal landscapes in Iceland that resembles a scene from the Lord of the Rings. The post-production was also inspired by paintings in the early Renaissance. The choice of color, tone, and style was used deliberately to create naturalistic elements in illusionistic space.


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noli me tangere close-up
noli me tangere close-up
noli me tangere close-up
living room rendering kirkjufellfoss iceland
noli me tangere box frame mockup
noli me tangere black frame mockup
noli me tangere bare wood frame mockup
noli me tangere ash frame mockup


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    Each artwork is bespokely framed. You can choose the color and the type of frame depending on the size of the artwork.
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    Each artwork is printed on museum-quality, acid-free paper with archival ink and is guaranteed to be fade resistant for 99+ years.
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    All frames are bespoke. Artworks presented in window mount are matted with window mats and bevel-cut. Artworks presented in box frame are mounted to a backing board.
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    Each artwork is sold as a limited edition. It is therefore numbered, personally signed by me, and comes with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the value of your investment.
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    I can personalize your artwork so that it is unique to you.
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    I can personally deliver your artwork to you within 50 miles from Manchester on a case by case basis.
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    I will personally explain to you where your artwork was taken, at what time of the year, and how it was created. I will also explain to you the story behind and why I chose to create it that way. This will make your artwork much more enjoyable when you share this knowledge with your friends and family.
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    You will receive a copy of my biography and artist statement.
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    You will receive my contact number and email address. You can contact me at any time you have a question about your artwork or about your order.
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    In the event the artwork suffers any damage during transit despite all the care taken while packing and shipping your order, I will ship you a replacement at no additional cost.
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    When you purchase my artwork, you not only purchase an exquisite piece of art to decorate your home, you also purchase a lifetime of knowledge.