Mountain View

fragile beauty - space oddity

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One of the reasons I enjoy admiring natural landscapes is the unpredictability of mother nature. Every scenery is unique because it will never be repeated in the same way again. As a landscape photographer, the challenge is to immortalize these special moments.

I was lucky to have observed this "odd scene" in Windermere, one of the beautiful lakes in the Lake District National Park in England. It was pre-dawn. I looked through the window and there was some unusual cloud formation hovering above the mountains across the lake.

There was one particular cloud that was floating solitarily as if it has a mind of its own. The sun was yet to rise so the sky had an orange-magenta hue, contrasting beautifully with the blue in the cloud.

What strikes me the most was how blue the cloud was, it looked surreal. Its shape, position, and timing all aligned perfectly to create this oddly rare scene. However, all things must come to an end. It was less than a minute before the blue cloud moved away and the sky changed its color. 

In a way, this reflects how brief human life is. Beauty is short-lived, as the moments in our life. Everything we have and own is temporary. The only thing that truly belongs to us is the memories and legacies we leave behind.


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fragile beauty close up
fragile beauty close up
fragile beauty close up
fragile beauty interior frame rendering


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    Each artwork is bespokely framed. You can choose the color and the type of frame depending on the size of the artwork.
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    Each artwork is printed on museum-quality, acid-free paper with archival ink and is guaranteed to be fade resistant for 99+ years.
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